Current SoulWork


SoulWork is every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. For the SoulWork Zoom invitation, please mail for SoulWork’s Zoom invitation or find it in the Weekly e-News.

This season of Epiphany, we will be using our SoulWork sessions to hear from authors in our community. You are invited to these SoulWork sessions, whether you have had the chance to read their book, or not. Either way, this will be a time of enjoying the gifts of the people in our community, and seeing how their light shines.

Sunday, January 10 – Introduction to The Templar’s Garden
Catherine Clover, an active member of our choir, has recently published The Templar’s Garden, the first book in The Maid of Gascony Series, along with accompanying Like as the Hart. Join us for this SoulWork session, where we will learn more about her exciting book and album, and the research that went into her work.

Sunday, January 17 – A Look at Mystics, Icons… and more!
Because The Maid of Gascony Series is set in the Middle Ages, Catherine’s research focuses considerably on mystics, relics, icons, pilgrimage, monastic and ecclesiatic architecture and chant. Join us for this SoulWork session, when Catherine will share about the history and significance of many of these topics to her series.

Sunday, January 24 – The Meaningful Psalms
Another significant theme of Medieval Spirituality is that of pilgrimage, and the importance of reciting Psalms while traveling and at the destination. Join us for this SoulWork session, where we will get to share what the Psalms mean to us. You can prepare in advance for this class by choosing a favorite Psalm and creating your own inspirational devotions, whether that be in the form of a meaningful memory, a poem, creating a work of art, or another form of personal introspection. You will be invited to share personal reflections on the Psalms during this session, or listen as others share theirs.

Sunday, January 31 – Introduction to How God Becomes Real
Parishioner Tanya Lurhmann has recently published How God Becomes Real and will be speaking to us about her new work. Join us for this SoulWork session, when we will hear from Tanya about the research and self-reflection that went into this wonderful book.