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SoulWork is every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. For the SoulWork Zoom invitation, please mail for SoulWork’s Zoom invitation or find it in the Weekly e-News.

During this Easter Season in SoulWork, we will explore together the various points of Christian theology commonly referred to as “systematic theology.” Typical lists of systematics include 10 “loci” of theology, and this will be a seven-week series which ends on Pentecost and will cover seven of the 10 loci with the following topics:

April 11: Systematic Theology Overview and Bibliology — Theology of the Bible
April 18: Theology Proper — Theology of God
April 25: Christology — Theology of Jesus Christ
May 2: Soteriology — Theology of the Atonement
May 9: Pneumatology — Theology of the Holy Spirit
May 16: Ecclesiology — Theology of the Church
May 30: Eschatology — Theology of the End Time