Current SoulWork


SoulWork is every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. For the SoulWork Zoom invitation, please mail for SoulWork’s Zoom invitation or find it in the Weekly e-News.

Join us for SoulWork in Lent, through March 22nd. Over the course of these Sundays our rector Dan Spors+ will guide us in exploring different spiritual practices that are derived from the bidding to a holy Lent in the Ash Wednesday liturgy

Sunday, March 7th: Repentance
Jesus preached to his listeners, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near.” But what does it mean to actually, truly repent? This session of SoulWork will examine what repentance is, what it is not, and the role it plays in our daily lives as Christians.

Sunday, March 14: Self-examination
Our Gospel reading for today has Jesus teaching his disciples, telling them that he is the light that has come into the world, and the light exposes the deeds of humankind. As such, self-examination is connected to what it means to grow in our faith and in righteousness, and we will discuss these matters together in this session of SoulWork.

Sunday, March 21: Prayer
This final session of SoulWork in Lent will focus on prayer, and the role it has in our lives, both corporately and individually. Various ways of praying and incorporating prayer into our lives will be discussed together, as well as discussing the purpose of praying.

Sunday, January 31 – Introduction to How God Becomes Real
Parishioner Tanya Lurhmann has recently published How God Becomes Real and will be speaking to us about her new work. Join us for this SoulWork session, when we will hear from Tanya about the research and self-reflection that went into this wonderful book.