Rector Search FAQs

How was the Search Committee selected?

Following Diocesan protocol, the current Senior Warden interviewed and selected the members of the Search Committee. They were selected for their strong, abiding interest in and commitment to the future of our parish as well as relevant professional and volunteer experience.

How will the committee communicate with the congregation?

Regular updates are provided in the monthly Bede’s Journal and weekly e-News. You may send questions to the committee’s email at

What is the Vestry’s role during the search?

The Vestry is not involved in the process until the Search Committee selects the final candidates and presents them to Vestry for interviews, which is scheduled to happen by year’s end. Frequent reports are given to Vestry by the committee’s co-chairs.

Who advises the Search Committee?

Denise Obando, the Transition Minister in the Diocese of California, consults regularly with the committee and will attend several of their meetings.

Is the process similar to when we called Gia in 2012?

There are several changes from when we called Gia. We are preparing a Parish Profile and an Office of Transition Ministry Portfolio (OTM) in order for applications to be received by the Diocese. Additionally, there is a greater emphasis on information about the parish from our website, so it is being updated and enhanced.

How long will the process last?

A timeline is posted on our website showing the steps we have completed and what is yet to be done. If the process goes as outlined there, we hope to call a new rector early in 2021.

How is the Parish Profile different from the last one we completed?

The Profile will be shorter, focused primarily on rector characteristics, parish successes and needs, and financial information.

What is the Office of Transitional Ministry Portfolio (OTM)?

The OTM consists of 12 questions. Parishioners have provided input so the committee can respond to all of the questions.

How will parishioners provide input to the committee?

All parishioners have been offered the opportunity to respond to a survey and to attend a listening session. Their responses will form the basis for the Parish Profile and OTM Portfolio.

Will parishioners see the Parish Profile and OTM Portfolio?

Yes, both documents will be shared with parishioners after they are approved by Vestry.

When will the position be posted?

We plan to have the Parish Profile, OTM Portfolio and a current job description to Denise Obando in June. Denise will post the position throughout the United States.

How does someone apply?

All applications are made to the Office of Transition Ministry at the Diocese of California, not to St. Bede’s Search Committee directly.

When will interviews begin?

We hope to receive applications starting in late June and screen applicants in August/September. Interviews with the Search Committee will be held in September/October.

When will finalists be sent to Vestry?

We hope to provide finalists to Vestry in November. They will conduct their own interviews and select the final candidate. At this point, the Search Committee’s role is complete.

Why will we need to wait until January 2021 for the Vestry to complete interviews?

The Christmas holidays will be coming up when finalists are presented to Vestry. It is unlikely that all interviews and personal visits will be completed before the holidays, so those will likely continue into January.

Why will it take until April for the new rector to join us?

Once Vestry has determined a final candidate, they must negotiate a contract and finalize all employment details. The new rector will need time to conclude his/her current position and possibly make a move to the Bay Area. We expect this to take 6 to 8 weeks.